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In the realm where beauty meets the soul, every enchanting visage should hold a generous heart. Makeup, in my world, is not just a brush and palette; it's an art that unveils the essence beneath the skin's canvas.

Hello Gorgeous. I'm Stacy Lewis, known affectionately as PrettyStaceFace, hailing proudly from Baltimore, MD. As a dedicated Makeup Artist and Esthetician, my journey began at the prestigious Von Lee School of Aesthetics, and I'm licensed by the esteemed Steiner Institute. With a background as a Skin Care Educator, my commitment to beauty runs deep, certified in top-tier skincare lines like Dermalogica, PCA, and Murad.

Beyond my passion for makeup and skincare, I thrive on nurturing confidence and self-esteem. At PrettyStaceFace's, my sanctuary of transformation, every visit promises an unforgettable experience. Precision is my hallmark, driven by genuine love for my craft—I aim for nothing less than excellence, ensuring your satisfaction, always.

Thank you for gracing with your presence!

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